Used Volkswagen Beetle

Volkswagen’s iconic Beetle first appeared in this country in 1953.  Production of the original model ran from 1938 to 2003, and although Volkswagen stopped offering the Beetle for sale in Europe in 1985, private importers continued to import Beetle’s over from Mexico, where production had shifted in 1978.  A New Beetle came along in 1998, with its all-new styling clearly inspired by the original Beetle.  This remained on worldwide sale until 2010, and recently an all-new Beetle took the place it vacated in the Volkswagen range.

The current model is offered on sale in the UK with a price tag of £19,605, available in just one specification, the Volkswagen Beetle Design 1.4 TSI.  As a relatively new addition to the Volkswagen range, the volume of used stock may be scarce but will grow over time.  The most likely place to find used examples of the current Beetle will be through Volkswagen’s UK main dealer network.  Their Das WeltAuto approved used car scheme includes a minimum of 12-months warranty, and extensive checks on the car and its history by Volkswagen-trained staff the dealership.  The full details of options available under the Das WeltAuto banner are available from you local Volkswagen dealer, or on Volkswagen’s official website.  The official website also allows you to search by model the availability of used stock in the dealer network.  This will also be a good source of quality used examples of the 1998-2010 model Volkswagen Beetle.

You may find a Volkswagen Beetle at a smaller independent dealer or private seller, or online at any number of car sales websites. If you buy in this way you may want to complete your own checks into the history of the vehicle before you commit to buying it.  There are a number of firms offering a service to check out the history of a car to make sure it is not stolen, written off, and does not have any outstanding finance owed upon it.  For used models still within their 3-year manufacturers warranty period, you should check the service book to make sure repairs and servicing have been completed on time by a Volkswagen-approved service centre, otherwise the warranty may be void.

Used examples of the original Volkswagen Beetle will more likely be found through private sellers, or from classic car dealers.  As the original Volkswagen Beetle enjoys something of a cult status, there are many classic car traders specialising in the model, which a quick web search will soon reveal.