Volkswagen Beetle Parts

The Volkswagen Beetle is an iconic brand.  The original Ferdinand Porsche-designed model began production in 1938, coming to Britain in 1953, and continued in production until 2003, although it was withdrawn from UK many years before that.  In 1998 a New Beetle hit the market, with design inspirations from is ancestor clearly evident.  The Volkswagen New Beetle was replaced in 2012 by the latest Beetle model, which although completely restyled still retains the famous overall Beetle profile.

Genuine Volkswagen Beetle parts and accessories are available at your local Volkswagen main dealership.  Most of Volkswagen main dealers have a dedicated parts department on site, manned by trained staff, who will be able to provide the parts you require and assist you in finding the correct part. Volkswagen’s official website tells you how to find your nearest Volkswagen main dealer, and provides details on the services they provide.

It may also be possible to purchase replacement parts for your Volkswagen Beetle from independent motor factors, or from internet sellers.  When buying parts for your Volkswagen Beetle from sources other than Volkswagen’s main dealer network, it is important to find out if they are genuine or non-genuine manufacturer parts.  Whilst buying non-genuine or aftermarket parts may be cheaper, in some circumstance it may be advisable to use genuine Volkswagen or Volkswagen-approved parts.  For example, if the car is still under warranty, genuine Volkswagen or Volkswagen-approved parts may be required in order to keep the warranty valid.

For older Volkswagen Beetle’s, a quick internet search will reveal a whole hosts of independent breakers and motor factor specialising in both new and used parts.  Again, when buying used parts, find out if they have been reconditioned, and if so whether there is any warranty included.